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after being burdened with the knowledge of
her universe's impending doom by her well
meaning brother's intuition, sigyn was plunged
into a deeper hell than her multiversal counter
parts immediately following her sibling's death.
unlike them she remembers the universe before
the change brought on by two stubborn loki's
and although she's still left in the dark , sigyn has
a strong hunch who might have had a hand in her
timeline & universe's destruction. with her as a
new variable and the timeline trying ( and failing )
to fix itself - sigyn evaded her predetermined death
and was plucked from one apocalyptic universe and
crammed into the next. where assimilating meant
erasing the very existence of her previous counter
part that died in the final battle known as ragnarok.
she has watched her loved ones die , infiltrated a
timeline all to restore order but ... ⥃

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