YEET idk what to put here.

Some things about me

i'm a girl

I like horses

i like unicorns

i like sleep

I kinda like Creepypasta

my favorite foods are PINEAPPLE and CARROTS (don't ask I'm weird :P)

AAAAAAND i don't like rude people

Welp thats about it so PEACE OUT ✌

(EDIT: im rarely on and ive been super busy and my brother likes to steal my computer the moment he's done his homework so he can play games on it because his computer (which he mainly uses for school) is really slow and mines pretty fast and new... and my parents wont let him get a fast one until he's 12 which is when i got my new one... so... yeah. :/ and i probably shouldnt let him use it but i do anyway because hes my brother and i love him and we actually get along unlike most siblings so i appreciate him a great deal)

(EDIT 2: im gonna try and be active at least once a week cuz i didnt just make this account for it to just sit around soooooooo yeah XD)
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