Hey yes I'll give it a try. Will give you feedback when I can. 


Thank you for the follow! ❤️❤️


@Smorante76 Hi! I've started reading another one of your stories, To Love Again. It has an interesting plot and I'm eager to see where the story goes. Thanks for sharing your talent in writing and story telling. Blessed Sunday to you and God bless!


Just jane (unbecomingjane), are you an aldub fan? Do you mind if I suggest you to atleast give a shot and try to read the MaiChard's fanfiction story entitled "No Words"?
          If you are now sick of cliché scenes and too much unicorns/fluffs, then this is perfect for you.
          If you just got a spare time, here's the link! http://my.w.tt/UiNb/qWjOJMrh7s or just visit my work section..
          Thanks a lot and I hope you'll have fun reading it.. Just give it a try :)