Guys, there is a giveaway.
          	If you want covers, Sasha is giving away some of her work.
          	Go to my profile and check out : Cover shop-DESIGNER


Good morning/evening! I hope you're doing okay. Here's a little inspiration to add to your time:
          You are amazing. There is no one in the world like you. Even if you make a mistake, you turn that mistake into something WONDERFUL! You are loved. You are valid. No matter what or whom you choose to be, it will be stunning. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day/night. 
          Stay safe, stay strong, and make a change. I love you ❤


Heyo!!! I am not getting notifications about ur updates. Do u know why??
          Also ur new book "Babysitter" is awsmmmmmmm❤


Hey! I loved your profile description so thought of following you! And also loved your books! I just want you to read my books when you get time....and are you a fan of miraculous ladybug? Cause I am!