I'd appreciate it if you read my book and give a feedback.


          Hope you're having a great day. I was wondering if you could spare some time to read my work named Out Of My Memory | Rowoon FF. It would mean a lot to me if you can support me with this work of mine. Please forgive me if this is rude.
          Here is the link:

          Ruhi ❤


Hi, fellow ARMY,
          Hope you're having a good day. I was wondering if you wanna take part in an ARMY X BTS nonfictional work that I'm currently working on. If you're interested in taking part please let me know, I'll fill you in with the details. Hope you have a great time.
          Ruhi ❤



˗ˏˋ ✎ hua is typing... 
                    ❝ can I call you mine? ❞
          。。。。opening message! 
          。 ' hi bb ! how have you been?
              how did your day go so far?
              if it's night, how was your sleep?﹆₊ 
          ━━━━━━━ (( ⛓ )) ━━━━━━━ 
          ೃ° I hope you're doing well !^^ though
          I rarely check my dms, feel free to rant
          to me ! don't stress yourself too much ♡ 
          ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . daily reminders . ‹ 
          ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . OO1 :: take care of yourself >:(
          ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . OO2 :: study well/work hard but
          don't let it affect your health !
          ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . OO3 :: drink lots of water and eat
          well !!
          ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . OO4 :: wear a mask when going out,
          okay bub?
          ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . OO5 :: smile for me? please?
          ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . OO6 :: remember that you're loved
          even if you don't think so. I'm here for a
          reason (╥﹏╥) 
             ─── ₊˚. it's okay not to be okay ⋆ฺ࿐ 
          ✑ qotd ::
          what's the last song you listened to?
          (( mine's CWJBHN )) 
          • ( did I make you smile? ehhh?? not
              even a little? I guess I have to do
              better next time ) • 
          ...hua has logged off ✐ ˎˊ˗


⋮꒱ ₍ ⌨ ᶻᶻᶻ [ vael ] is typing ... ₎"
          ─ buddy are you doing fine ␦
               i know it's hard to survive 
               i know that you miss your friends 
               i know that you feel lonely 
               'cuz rn everyone feels that way. 
               but don't lose hope ᵎᵎ
          ─ don't think no one is with you
               you don't believe me ˀˀ 
               go and look in the mirror ˒
               that reflection gonna stay with you
               no matter what... 
               your best companion and your reason, 
               to live more.
               you have to see it grow into an amazing soul
               so hang in there and enjoy your life. 
          ꒰꒰  ❛ ❏ goodbye ¡!~ 


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I’m already following that person ✌