My favourite books are :
*The entire I am number four series
*Howls moving Castle
*The Twilight series
* The first two books in the Hunger Game series (the third
one was...meh)
*The Darren Shan manga
*And many more that I can't remember at the moment

¤ Reading
¤ Singing ( I sing everywhere except the shower. I'm silent in the shower, contemplating life and why I'm failing at it)
¤ Adventuring ( I love discovering new hideouts)
¤ Writing
¤ Eating (bread. I.Love.Bread!)
¤ I'm not a real big fan of sleeping but I love dreaming
¤ Acting
¤ Drawing
¤ Watching Anime and reading manga
¤ Watching Korean drama
*favourite actor at the moment is Park Hyung Sik
*favourite drama has to be Strong women do bong soon
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