So exciting to see that PRISONER SIX has been selected for the Wattys Longlist!!  Thanks to everyone here for reading and supporting the story!  
          	And congrats to everyone else who made the Longlist :)


Congratulations! You deserve it


@BlueGemstone Thank you!!  And thanks so much for following :)


@NoverMaC Thank you!!  I really appreciate your support :)


I just read your story Prisoner 6 and let me tell you I am blown away. I enjoy a good Alfred Hitchcock ending. I was enthralled from srart to finish. This definitely gave me twilight zone vibes. Your writing is absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to read more of your work.


Honestly confused at the ending of prisoner 6,I just hoped Dave's old crew died for being snakes.


Due to quarantine I checked on my phone since I missed reading on wattpad and thankfully I've stumbled in this story just few hours ago.. just want to read something new and here it is I've finished it all and now it's 3:02 am and congratulations so far you have top on my outstanding book I've ever read this year.  Imagine if this story made into film then .. I'll jump and thrashing everywhere because of excitement!!!
          I'll share this to my friends I'll promised.


Prisoner 6 is one of the best written stories I've read. It was engaging and thought-provoking. I felt a connection between the characters and surprisingly, to myself. And somehow, I felt a strange sense of nostalgia.
          I was disappointed to have found it only a few hours ago. I hope to read more from you. 


Same, I’ve never touched sci-fi here but Prisoner Six was a game changer


I have finished reading Prisoner Six. I read it offline so couldn't comment or vote at first, but now that it's completed I have voted on all the parts at once. I really liked the twist at the end with her being the alien. Just want to say, it's one of the best endings I have read, ever! Though I must say that the start and the middle were weaker in comparison. But it's an overall wonderful book. Great Work!


Argh! I'm so excited to read prisoner #6! I love twilight zone as well! I started watching  it when I was six and was absolutely  enthralled. 


Hi Tara,
          I wanted to reach out to you about two things. (1.) I wanted to tell you, that you are really an amazing writer and very talented. I enjoy your work! 
          (2.) do you have any plans for any of your works to be published in the way of TV or a Film? If you do; Which I hope you do? Please inbox me as I work for an Entertainment company here in Hollywood, and I may be able to help make that happen? Keep up the great work 


Prisoner 6 was literally the first book I read on wattpad. Thank you for the great introduction to the site and for the clever twist at the end. Loved it!! Where can I find you on Instagram? ♥️