Greetings friends, my name is Janiah but everyone calls me Niah

I'm 19 but I tend to act like I'm 4

i'm pansexual affff

i have a very dirty mind, so excuse some of the vulgar comments of mine you may have seen

fun facts: i really love holding up the peace sign and i say lol at least 50 times a day

jesse's my bby boi and i love him dearly :) <3

i'm very passionate about art so if u're a fellow art head hmu

i'm the queen of procrastination, u can literally ask anyone who knows me

*spongebob's voice * I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD !

i'm a shiphoe so don't get upset if I end up shipping u with some random stranger u've prob never even seen before

i LOVE harry styles and beyoncé is queen

i've been told many times that i look intimidating bc of my height (5'6) and my resting bitch face but i swear i'm nice so don't be shy

if you have any good story recommendations, hit me up

that's it, love u, bye
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