i want to also thank you for writing the red string of faith, i really love the book and can to say its the best book i've read, i love how everything just fit together i never felt like i was missing anything when i was reading it, and u ended and started it so seamlessly, ahh just ty u did such an amazing job and should be proud of yourself!


Thank you so so much for writing the red string of faith, I just finished it an I can safely say it’s the best book I’ve ever read 


Or or ummm like other one chapter stories about different girls trying to tell him at a to break up with hinata like can we get 1 chapter stories about them trying to break them up and hinata's badass returns


@Bnhalemons and like a chapter on how and why the other first years know of hinata's bad side cause I'm pretty sure they all went to different middle schools so they weren't friends


Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love your Oihina storiesssssss especially that 1-shot UwU uh is it ok to ask if you could make sure sequel to red string owo