hey I’m just wondering if your gonna update the perfection story cuz i honestly relate to it myself and I think it’s wonderful, but hru?!


I love your stories because I can relate to having an eating disorder. I’m not in recovery and I don’t plan on stopping, your stories really help me and give me hope. Stay safe, we’ll all be here when you come back. <3


I just read your comment at the end of the last updated chapter and wanted to ask if you are okay. Are you?
          P.S. you‘re great and I love your work


Let's have another one! 
          I want you to know you are an amazing friend, till death and forever.
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Really sorry love hope you get better soon


Hey lovelorn book emptiness it's pretty great. I hope that you will continue writing it since an amazing book like this one needs an ending but I don't understand writing can be time consuming and stressful. So take your time


I read your book hunger and boy did I cry my heart out. The book was just amazing and I really think if you keep writing that you might become a author one day. I read a lot of books on here and this was probably my favourite. I love the way you write :)


Hi girly(: I hope ur feeling better then u did In may when we had heard from uI’m just a little worried tbh since you haven’t updated in so many months. I love ur writing btw


Hi! Thanks for checking up on me ❤️ I’m doing slightly better, still have my ups and down like Katherine but I’m hanging in there :) I will finish emptiness soon too, xx


When are you updating emptiness 


I’m going to try and finish it this month! ❤️ I’m sorry I don’t update like before, I have two jobs + I study full time and I have zero time to write anymore :( will try my best tho!!! xx