semi-active !

"we're here for the cult stuff. we saw the ad on craigslist."

ann? ann.
s!her. minor. bisexual.
one direction + solo. zarrie.
zayn. harry. liam. louis. niall.
one direction? 18 months hiatus.
mitski is god. if you don't stan her then perish.
mitski created pain, and she is respectfully my dearest darling mother.
i will sell my soul to shane, if it means that i get to watch buzzfeed unsolved on loop for 365 days of the year.
shane and ryan are my comfort people<3
me & liam payne are married<3
ann + liam = liann ( the superior ship )
stan #liann or kindly choke on a dick.
im a zayn & harry girl.
i love you, but i will always love dogs more.
i need bdsm = big dollars, so many
ik we're all too cool for school, but sit ur ass down and do ur algebra homework honey, ur mom isn't selling you to 1d.
let's all become strippers.
if you follow me, you are permanently a part of my cult now and we worship me here, so there's no backing out now.
if you laugh at my lame jokes, why tf aren't we dating?
honestly this account is like my open diary, so you'll see me experiencing 297473+ emotions in a day.
oh and also im a very respectful zarrie, just incase if you're a larrie who's hesitant to befriend me :)
please do NOT use my mb to promote.

previously was @//TheDeadRomanticist

racists, islamophobes, homophobes, trump supporters, misogynists & disrespectful shitty people filled w hatred can suck my dick w due respect. thank you.
  • if you follow me ur automatically a stripper.
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the sexual tension between me and wanting to stay in bed all day
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