I only really write fan fiction so I don't have to come up with my own main characters.

My stories all have warnings for things like self-harm bcs I'm just here casually projecting my own mental illnesses onto real people in fictional stories as a coping mechanism, you know, as you do.

Anyways, please be careful and read the warnings before reading, and stay alive xxx
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Stories by thebrokenpeoplee
1,2,3 OCD (Joshler)  by thebrokenpeoplee
1,2,3 OCD (Joshler)
It's hard to explain. Sometimes it's multiples of three. If you touch with one hand you have to touch with th...
Please, jump. (joshler) (needs editing) by thebrokenpeoplee
Please, jump. (joshler) (needs edi...
1. Who would have thought the day Tyler tried to commit suicide a depressed boy with pink hair would also be...
Neither (joshler) (needs editing)  by thebrokenpeoplee
Neither (joshler) (needs editing)
Josh isn't a boy, they aren't girl either. // "Because, Josh is a boys name and he looked like a boy.&qu...