Hey everyone please check out my two new books 
          	Kidnapped by the Mafia on Purpose 
          	Our Missing Friend


@sheradaniels hi! I really like Our Missing Friend. Can't wait for you update. 


Hey I love your stories the ones that I loved the most were vampires vs werewolves ,the boy that lives in my house and this gift I was given from the the boy that lives in my house book 2 I love those ones the most I can’t wait for the rest of the books to come out 


The boy that lives in my house part 3 PLEASE.....I like Luke better tho Luke needs to be in it more....u are an amazing writer btw


I read the boy that lives in my house AGES ago and I just found it again and I sorta wanna read it again cuz it was so good 


Hey I absolutely loved The boy how live in my house. After I read it I just had to get more of your stories and follow you. You are an amazing author 


Hey I love the story THE BOY THAT LIVES IN MY HOUSE the most from your book lists(^.^)continue with the great work