INTJ 5w4. Minor. He/She/They. Bigender and Aroace. I go by both Elle and Declan. Username formerly as silverlighnings. Year of the rat.

*I am an amateur writer, I'm not the greatest! This account's goal is to help me grow in my writing skills so that one day, maybe I can write my own books. I hope to write ~500 words a day, but it's difficult to do with balancing school. I am coming back soon, I swear! I have things planned :)

Current focus: Bask
*One story is in drafts

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Story by elle/declan ♡
Bask by the_rat_has_prudence
The late-bloomer, deemed quirkless, (Y/N) (L/N) has never had hope in the hero world. How could there be hope...
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