u-uuuwaaaa~ OmO i-i let my boifwendu do a cummy cum in my boipucccwie~!!! and he didn't wear a boicondom O////O a-a-am i gonna get boipreggers now?? 3: i is too young to be a boimother! >///< c-c-can i getsies a boibortion? uwu c-can i pay my boinecologist with my boipucccwie-wucie? O////< p-perhaps i could offer him my tasty boimilk uwu. o-or m-maybe i'll ask if he will accept a pint of my sticky boisyrup instead UwU-a wise man

femboys awe the futuwe of ouw genyewation uwu, they awe cute, giwwy and wuvs putting things up theiw wittwe swutty boipussy, they awe the pewfect giwwfwiends owo and they wiww wuv you fowevew and evew so they nyuzzwes with you O//W//O wooks at daddy c-can I be youw sexy femboy so you can use me as a c-cummies wag pweaseeeee?-your dad
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