greetings and salutations, mortals. 

we are a very dysfunctional animal family which geologically should not be possible. how, you ask? we are made up of a giraffe who gave birth to a dinosaur who gave birth to a bird who gave birth to a goat with a turtle and the goat married a hedgehog. more will be explained in upcoming books. ;))) quite a lovely family indeed.

we are a good christian family living in a town called suburbia. we attend church every single day and do not condone unholy things such as showing your wenis. follow us on facebook and join us for brunch!!

the fam:

mega daddy giraffe » mahri »

grandma dino » costco » @s0li3l_sKy

birb mom » krun » @emu_corner

turtle » software » @iwatobianchan

goat child » nate » @psychosocially-

hedgehog » lonfa » @ChickensLovePizza
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