I was gonna read your todoroki x reader but reading the announcements here in your mb..i think i cant survive..but hey!i'll still read it!
          Stay safe


hey uhh... i read ur story the todoroki x reader but it seems u firgot the part 8 and IM DYING TO KNOW. can u re-add the chapter please? lots of people r really confused rn. anyways i luv ur story its so good!


I really like todoroki x reader! Sad ending, but it also had a mix of emotions. I really hope to see more of this kind of writing in the future! If you don't follow this person, I'ma find you and kill you❤


(SPOILER ALERT) Hey ik there are alot of people saying they read todoroki x reader as did i :) it was a great story buttt when i next see momo in the show ima be really pissed off it wasn't todorokis fault momo is a bitch :) 


Just finished Todoroki x reader, if you are sensitive I would not read chapter 16 as it's very sad. I myself have .+* T h i c c   s k i n *+. so I did not cry. Everything else is fine, but the story has no trigger warnings for parts that have mature-ish content. (There's only like one or two) overall the story is good! I rate it an 8/10.


Bitch- i finished your todorokixreader and ngl was pretty good
          Finished a day or so ago and im still emotionally not okay
          Ily and your stories 


Dang I just finished the todoroki x reader and if you have time please pleasseeeee make a second season my mom asked me why is my eyes so puffy


omg i just read the whole todoroki story and i started ugly crying at the end, IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD I LOVE IT!! ONE OF THE BEST STORIES I’VE EVER READ! i even showed my friend the note at the end and she started crying too hahahh! 10/10