Hello everyone.
          	I wish I could say that it’s been awhile but unfortunately I am not the Tashia that you all know and love. My name is irrelevant but I’ve known Tash for a long long time. Since birth she’s lived with a condition called cystic fibrosis and unfortunately earlier this year she died of lung failure. I haven’t had the courage to log onto this account yet since she gave me the password, but now I think I’m ready to tell everyone who loved her stories the truth. I’m not a writer, but I always tried to support her in every way that I could. She always talked about how happy she was to be writing, and that people actually enjoyed her work. She was so grateful and so am I, I’ll never forget her or how much good she did. :) This is just an update, she has a couple of drafts but I’m not sure whether to post them. But until then :) 


@tashiiia rest in peace. i only ever found her books today and i loved them. thanks for updating anyway.


@tashiiia rest in peace im new here but i feel sad may you always be in peace


@tashiiia  She was a wonderful author and i loved her books so much. Rest in Peace Author-chan ily.


Although I only just found your page, but I am absolutely in love with your stories and I hope you continue to write wherever you are and whatever life you have next. Fly high Tashia❤


I haven't been here in here in a while, and i am ashamed to say that i just found out that Tashia had passed away. Other than that, many people loved your stories Tash, and they miss you as well. Fly high


I’m probably the newest person here, but fly high. You have no idea how many people miss you ❤️
          Rest In Peace, Tash.


Rip Tasha I only started reading fly high my friend 


Rip Tashia
          She inspired me to write fanfics of my own and I loved her fics they were so awesome 
          Fly High Tashia 


i just found your acc, your stories are awesome ❤️ it's so sad you wouldn't read this  rest in peace hunny, we all love you so much ♡


o7 fly high I remember reading your books on my first Wattpad account it’s was awesome! And that comment chain that’s still going dang I’m gonna get a lot of notifications from that but I don’t mind


@zappedwithkpop not sure, but probably some times ago.


When did the author died 


i only found out on my second book it’s so sad


I just found this book and now I found out that the author -nim was passed away. I wish I found your account and book earlier. Thank you for making these beautiful stories. Fly high Tashiiia. You did really well here and now just rest up there alright sweetheart. We miss you.


@zappedwithkpop yes, you can scroll below to see


Wait really the author died!?!?


fly high tashiiia, thank you for all your wonderful stories, your stories were the first I read and I'm glad I found them, thank you for everything! (Ps, if we ever meet in another life, tell me about your other stories. and I did not mean to do in another life I'm sorry-) <3