Your personal whore <3! 

I was forced to write that ^^
🔥 and 😾she 👹said 🥵she🥺 said😞 she 🦖said 😩she's 😈from ⛹🏾‍♀️Hawaii 🙄 you know😾 how 🫂to 👀say👄 cute 🧑🏼‍🎤in 👨🏼‍⚖️Japanese🧞 kawaii 🥰and 😤she👹said 🥵she🥺 loves😞 v?!🧍🏻but 😈from ⛹🏾‍♀️now🙄 on 🔪 she 😛gonna👀she👄 gonna 😩she 🤾gonna💥love😻mEH🙈🌸❗
* pan
* a multi-stan
* ult is BTS obvs
* likes to sleep
* only has 1 real bestie irl sad she's not a kpop stan :(
* likes to overthink
* people think I'm innocent especially my parents which I'm not 💀
* born on December 17
* has a god damn 5-year-old sister who keeps saying she's J-hope's girlfriend and she will marry him 1 day
* has a kpop stan mom
* foodie is a potato herself
* dance is lifue

✨ T A E K O O K ✨
😩 Y O O N M I N 😩
🍆 N A M J I N 🍆

My biases on each group I stan:
BTS= Jimin, RM
SKZ= Lee Know
BP= Jisoo, Rose
ITZY= Chaeryoung
TWICE= Jihyo, Momo
AESPA= Ningning, Winter
ENHYPEN= Jungwon, Jay
TXT= Beomgyu

You didn't see my comments.
Taekook is making love in my room :>
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