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Hi! I'm Vanshika....if u have the time pls give my book Life of an Introvert a try....I will really appreciate it....votes and comments are highly appreciated....thanks!!..I will surely read your book too (even if u don't read mine)....I hope we can be friends!!


Hey there! I wrote this short children’s story for adults as part of some academic writings a while back. I’m hoping to get some reads and feedback on it. Perhaps you feel intrigued enough to give it a try? Thanks in advance! https://my.w.tt/ZIr7WEBKubb


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You are not insignificant. Someone drinks coffee out of their favorite mug hat you gave them. Someone read the book you recommened and got lost in it. Someone heard theat song on the radio that remind them of you. Someone smiled st the end of the  because they remembered a joke you told them. Someone loves themself a little bit more because of the compliment you gave them. Someone is making through the darkest time of their life because your prayers are holding them steady. 
          Never think you dont have influence on people. Your trace which you leave behind every good deed cannot be erased.
          Hi there (。・ω・。)ノ♡
          Please stay safe and may you have a blissful day/night ahead! ♥


@its_viviiix thanks for these beautiful words