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STARTER: The gilded ballroom glittered in the candlelight cast down from enormous chandeliers dripping in diamonds. Rose petals littered the floor, their scent creating a delicate yet sensual aroma as they drifted in whirl of skirts as the orchestra played a waltz. Rather than prowling the outskirts of the crowd, you decided to join the flurry of dancers as the next waltz began. After all, this was a masquerade ball - you would do well to leave your inhibitions behind.

As the waltz progressed, the time came to exchange partners. You found yourself paired with a beautiful young redhead in a fox mask and a gown of night and stars. One satin gloved hand cupped your shoulder while the other lay delicately in your hand as you led the dance. Behind the fox mask her brown eyes glinted mischievously, her cheeks were red with rouge and the warmth of the room. A strange hunger, or rather a lust, marked her expression. "You look delicious..." Her eyelashes fluttered, those brown eyes staring longingly at your throat. You took it as a compliment.

Together you swirled, drawing closer and closer with each passing moment. Eventually, you could feel the rise and fall of her chest, the fevered tickle of her breath on your neck. The dance came to a stop and partners separated, drawing an applause from the audience and a collective bow from the dancers. You could not allow this to be the end!

As the young woman made for her departure to the palace balcony, you decided to trail after her. She turned her head to look behind as she pushed through the french doors, the invitation evident. It would appear that the lady wished you to follow, of course, you would oblige... (OPEN TO ANYONE. PLEASE RESPOND VIA PM)

{dark royalty core, phantom of the opera vibes, bisexual, vampire oc}
Penned by Ginger
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