The Mafia's Rose Married the CEO is now LIVE 


Sa wakas nahanap na din kita huhu. Nirecomend ni ate yung story niyo and I just can't find it and I almost gave up now sa wakas nakita ko na din yung story niyo.


Silent reader lng po ako at ikaw po yung fav author ko take your time sa pag hiatus mo pero wag nyu po kaming kalimutan hinihintay ka namin atska excited nako sa nobelrico series luv lots from your fan


Kakatapos ko lang The bad girl’s gentleman, book two ng how to love :<<< hintay hintay is me :>>>
          HELLO! if u’re bored which I doubt, pero if you are, give my story a try at baka magustuhan niyo :))
          I also have other books, pwede mong tingnan sa profile ko if u want :). 


Hi author sorry for plugging I just want to share my story here.
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          Genre: Teen Fiction.
          Language: Tagalog | English
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          This story is still ongoing guys.


Hi sugarcoatqueen! Permission for plugging my first work here.
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          "Acidentally Fallen In Love."
          Genre: Teen Fiction
          Language: Tagalog|English
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          It's still ongoing guys, I'll update it thrice a week or when will I'm free to update it.
          Thanks in advanced! Lovelots.♥


hello sugarcoatqueen! i really love your story "the story of another us", it is just a simple yet captivating love story between kat and nicolo. i'll wait for another update po! hope to see it soon. also, take care and drink a lot of water po :))


@zaydeee000 Hello! Hiatus is almost over! Thank you so much for patiently waiting! I will be posting it's finale soon! Join our Facebook group, I will be online and will be posting updates throughout the weekend about my plans here in Watty ❤️ see you there


@sugarcoatqueen Hi po. I just recently finished reading The bad girl’s gentleman and I am super inlove with the story. Hoping for your next update po.  The best!! ❤️❤️❤️


@Irisesstible08 Hello! omg :(( thank you so much for reading my book and im terribly sorry for the late reply.
            If you want, you can join our Facebook group. I'll be online there throughout the weekend posting updates and talking to you guys. Here's the link: