hello? how is everyone doing? i hope you’re all doing okay. sending virtual hugs ( ^ω^ )


@stereoids uwuuwuwu unnie
          	  Me good


@stereoids i just finished your story June! im speechless, literally! that is a very well written story, tysm for writing it! Work of Art is amazing as well!


@stereoids nika we all are doing fine. We just missed you a lot on wattpad. Welcome back


UR BOOK JUNE WAS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS IVE EVER READ I hope your doing okay because i was stalking your acc and saw that you haven't updated in ages


Noticed u haven't updated in ages, I'm guessing something happened in your life I just hope your ok, and I'm here for you if you need someone to talk with. 


I couldn't resist myself from saying this but there's a saying that A writer's true nature reflects in his/her words... And through your writing I can say how thoughtful and appreciable you'd be. I'm currently reading your book 'June' and I'm truly in love with the content and plot. Your writing skills are so immaculate that it seems like we're watching a movie. I'm truly impressed I'll surely try your other works cuz I think now I'm addicted to your writing skills. Love you a loads Author-nim ❤❤