"I went in the ice in 45, after I met the love of my life" - Steve
"during the war, I fought side by side with captain America and we defeated the enemy. But I lost the love of my life " - Peggy

Steve and Peggy , each others right partners.
Peggy thought she lost steve forever when he
Crashed his plane into the ice. She tried to move
On but at first she couldnt and he was always in her heart.
When Steve woke from the ice 70 years later, the first thing,
He remembered was Peggy and his date he was meant to
Have with her. He was still happy to have her. When Peggy
Died however Steve thought he lost his best girl. But when he
And Tony went to the 70s, Steve saw Peggy and realised he
Could go back. When the mission was completed and thanos
was defeated. Steve went back in time to live his life with
His best girl and they had their dance.

"Well, I couldn't leave my best girl. Not when she owes me a dance."
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