-idk what but def not straight
-obsessed with 1D and all their solo careers
-also listen to billie eilish, coldplay, the neighborhood, juice wrld ect., i cant think of atm
-hella awkward/annoying
-im an aries (april 2)
-my celeb lookalike is nessa barrett
-tries to tpwk but eventually just does it the tommo way *insert his 28 middle finger*
-vv short
-shy at first
-im a nice person for the most part, but if you get on my bad side your in for it SisTAH (iykyk)
-i love iced coffee, cold weather, sleep, food
-imma stay anonymous on here because if anyone finds me on here im jus gonna zayn for a while
-i love each and every one of you. your always seggsy. strut your stuff, show em up

Also, i call everyone luv, bae, hun, bestie, babe, sweetie, princess, baby, etc., basically whatever comes to my mind while typing. I say babe the most

Im probably gonna update this again and again and some more. Sorry not sorry...i thought of reeses-

This is a reminder to go get some water and drink it all. Then go fill it up and do it again and again. Stay hydrated and get that clear skin, cutie

"if your happy doing what your doing, no one can call you unsuccessful."
"iT's nOt on mE SisTaH."
"i love you more than i planned."
"it's our song baby."
"we'll be alright."
"im nOt feeling fabUlOus."
"even when it hurts like hEll."
"keep your head up, lUv."
"still somehow, your perfect now."
"pEtAh pAn."
"no fooking way."
"don't let it break your heart."
"i call you angel for a reason baby."

@John_Doe028 my partner in crime >:D
@backlikebackstreet the aven to my nova ;3
@iceskater2004 my sweet angel :')
@a_teenage_dirtbag28 my wifey ;)

ok im done besties, if you read all of that wow. if you ever need to talk, my inbox is always open and im on here everyday. TPWK. All the love, K 😘
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