hello! sorry to announce this again. but after much consideration, i decided to unpublish command again. it's a work that i only did for fun but looking back at it now, it's something that i can no longer be proud of anymore. i'm so sorry. i'll unpublish it in a few hours. thank you. xx


Awww im halfway on the story and didnt get to finish on time :(


Im gonna cry omg noo 


@starrynomin Ohh it's sad to hear that because I haven't had the time to finish it :( it's my first nomin au that I read but I respect your decision.  It's an amazing story for meee


I hope your doing well, I absolutely loved your book command, I remember reading it for the first time a couple years ago, I just finished re-reading it on inkitt, even though it doesn't have the original ending and as much chapters as it originally had, I still love it just as much. Your are incredibly talented and many people miss and love your books everyday. I really do hope your doing well, we miss you and thank you for sharing your amazing books with us. 


Tonight is one of those nights I wish I could read command on here, but I’m wondering something. Was this auto the one who wrote the ‘into your’ series? Into your heart, into your flame and into your sky?? I can’t remember who wrote it but those stories are gone now 


hi, what happened to command? i'm sorry this is my first time visiting the account 


@phos__ hey!! i read it in inkitt, they goes by the same username! 


@hyuckists hi! do you know if the authors kept command published somewhere else? i'm reeeally late and only saw the account's situation now :((


 @hyuckists oh my god?? i've been sulking over this for so long and am now only finding out about this