Update: Wicked was not a good story? It was pretty creative I guess but it's not a work I'm proud of? I chose to delete what I had started of the sequel and not continue it and it was my choice. I debated deleting Wicked as well and the only reason why I didn't was because there would still be the translations available. Listen: it wasn't that good. I appreciate those of you who think it was. I don't want it to be a part of my life anymore. Please respect that. It was my story and this is my choice. I don't write anymore. I'm leaving it behind. Please let me do that. Please. I am begging.
          	-M. x




@ WhoaLarry   I'm crying(: 


@WhoaLarry Wicked was a great story dear. It's alright if you want to leave this behind. It's alright. Good Luck with whatever you do in the future :)


omg wicked was the best book ive read and the most original i miss her so much i hope ure doing well queen


Please, We need to know more about Darker!!! It's really, really incredible, i need know what happend whit autumn!... Touch your heart and write Darker again or tell us something about te story.
          All The Love and i hope you are very well! ❤