Greetings fellow life form.
My name is Charles, and I am a creature from the planet Mars. We may resemble what you simple-minded earthlings know as 'llamas', but we are far more superior than the ones that you make fun of on tumblr. Our basic life purpose is to take over the universe. As you fools must at least know by now, big things come from small beginnings, so we have reluctantly decided to start our business here. You should consider yourselves very, very grateful.

Let us explain to you how this works - we will be writing you stories that will gradually take control of your minds and brainwash you into obeying our every commands! Perhaps that was a little bit too much for your brains to comprehend, so let me explain it in a way you might understand :

' read book. brain go boom. we control world.' Kapiesh?

That is all for now, but I demand that you stay active on his website that you know as 'Wattpad' and stay tuned for any updates that may occur on this page in the future. We look forward to controlling your brain and the universe.

Kind Regards,
Charles and 'llama' team.
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