I love writing mostly romance. I write because I love to express my emotions using a fictional plot and fictional characters. It's much easier to tell your feelings gradually as the story develops rather than just flat out stating them! Stories help me consider my emotions, like, truly consider them.
I love writing because it's like second nature! If I didn't write, I wouldn't feel complete! I'd feel empty inside! Writing is natural for me, and I would feel very uncomfortable not writing at all!
I write because I enjoy writing and I love the power of words...I find it exhilarating to find my words can move someone's heart and mind, that I can make them laugh, cry, fall in love, become so involved in my characters they begin to argue with the pages and when they can finish the manuscript wishing for more and sad because the book ended.
Finally, I write because for me it is an escape from the real world. Whether I am writing poetry or a short story I get to let out my emotions and focus my mind on something other than what is going on around me.
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Stories by sogeka21
Παθιασμένος Έρωτας by sogeka21
Παθιασμένος Έρωτας
Ένας Έρωτας παθιασμένος.
Μιλάνο για μια μέρα, έρωτας για μια ζωή. by sogeka21
Μιλάνο για μια μέρα, έρωτας για μι...
Ένας έρωτας που ξεκίνησε πλατωνικά και συνέχισε την πορεία του. Όλα ξεκίνησαν απο ένα γράμμα. Η Στέλλα απο τη...
Το Νέκταρ της Αγάπης by sogeka21
Το Νέκταρ της Αγάπης
Η Μαρίνα ερώτεύτηκε με πάθος αλλά πληγώθηκε όπως όλα τα κορίτσια της ηλικίας της. Όμως πληγώθηκε διαφορετικά...