"You would think that you are always worrying more than others, thinking that you are the weird one. Consider it as something like, branches of your young days? If you think of it like the process of a tree growing up, later on, it will be an experience. Of course, it will hurt. It will be hard. You will go through all the pruning, chopping and cutting, and it will hurt. But after those times, I'm sure you will become a great, great tree.

Loving myself was the best thing i ever did!

My name is Lilly and i am your average 17 year old girl.
Been a BTS fan since 2017.

Loves video games
Hate Calculus cuz why not
Dream is to meet BTS one day.
Love apocalyptic and fantasy stories.
Come in between of introvert and Extrovert.
Love reading.
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