hello, ryann’s friends. 
          	some of you might know me, some of you may not, but i’m ryann’s cousin, megan. ryann talked about all of his friends on here like you guys created the earth yourselves. he really did think you were his blessings. 
          	i never hoped i’d have to do this, and i forgot about it in the first place, until i was scrolling through my notes and found a reminder for this there. ryann told me to let you know if anything happened to him. 
          	on may 28, ryann passed away. i know some of you knew about his health problems, some of you may not. i don’t even know how to put into words how hurt ryann’s friends and i are right now. 
          	he loved you all so much, i know he did. i could see it when he talked about you. thank you, thank you all so so much for being his friends, even if it was just online. 
          	this may be the last time this account is used, because it doesn’t serve much purpose now. i’ll leave it up, but other than that, there won’t be much activity. 
          	thank you to everyone for brightening his life so much. he’s an angel now. 
          	he did leave me with some messages for some of his closer friends, as of now, i can’t find them, but as soon as i do, i’ll try to bring them for those of you that are mentioned. 


this message may be offensive
Wait why the fuck did I just see this now i- 


@sinycal omg , im so sad wtf , we only had like one conversation and it was abt the song 'chanel' by frank ocean and im glad to share at least one moment with him.. <3


happy 19th birthday to my favorite french boy up in heaven ❤ i love you and wish we could have made more memories together. me and asia are gonna go to NYC and Lyon and make sure the memory of you stays alive.  je t'aime mon amour