Wishing you guys a very happy and Lit Diwali.
          	Have fun and take care of yourself and your loved ones


@singhgirl I'm, like a year late, but Shubh Deepavali :)


          Thanks for adding “The Forgotten Goddess” to your reading list. I really hope that you will enjoy reading it! 


Thank you for adding my book 'Cold Blooded' to your reading list. Hope you enjoy reading and show some support pls. Don't be a silent reader, tell me what you think in the comment box. Thank you.❤❤


            You are welcome dear☺️
            And yeah I will definitely vote and comment you can count on me ❤️❤️


I have no idea how on earth did you find me but YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for putting ENTWINED into your reading list♡ I hope you’ll have an amazing day cos you just made mine!! It’s my baby and I really appreciate your support cos I know how it feels like to have none ♡   P.s. the second book ENAMOURED is completed and available on Wattpad ♡


            U r welcome dear.
            But seriously it was not an option to not add it to my library coz ur summary was damn awsm and the comments were just as awsm.
            And I have already added Enamoured in my reading list but I am going to start reding the series when you have finished the third book because I know that the moment I start reading I won't be able to stop till I finish and I am not really good with cliffhangers .
            So all the best to you and you always have my support :)