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To you who seriously looks at my profile🤩
🤗Welcome 🤗
Love reading Chinese novel especially with female lead with strong writing and amazing plot that get me hook 😚make sense & keep me interested I'm there especially most my tear and joy spending
in reading them 😘🥰😍😘
So author please write some wonderful and amusing story I be gladly to devoured reading them
to my hearts and soul content .

Feel free to check my collection and if you like leave comments on my page!

(灬♥ω♥灬) ( ؔ⚈̫ ε ؔ⚈̫ ⁎)(灬♥ω♥灬) ( ؔ⚈̫ ε ؔ⚈̫ ⁎)
💪 strong female protagonists👩‍🦰 my favorites to read as I mention reading complete me and make my life have
zest for life." In other words to live my lives with a
lot of flavor and gusto lol 😂
If anyone ask me why I love to read or why I enjoy reading a books?
👉❤︎Then please read this to know me better ❤︎👈
When you can connect to the character(s) on a very deep and personal level When it touches a part of you you never even knew existed When it tells you something you didn't know you needed to hear.
When it makes you throw it across the room
because you can't believe what you just read only to pick it up back again because you need to know what happens further. When you can imagine yourself as a part of that fictional world getting lost in thought When you feel like you've lost a friend when the book ends When it gives you *hope*
That what make me love a book.
So everyone who shared the same interests as me hope to sail together unit the end of it and enjoy each story with your own special ways
and I look forward to continuing on this whirlwind
of a ride with you! the temptation to read is irresistible
💟 wonderful proverbs I like in Arabic& English 💟
Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are
‎القراءة تمنحنا مكانا اخر نذهب اليه عندما نضطر للبقاء في أماكننا
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