Guys. The first three chapters of Oh Dear Classmates were changed already. Kindly update your library if yoy want to check it out. :)


Hi! I heard you deleted your stories. Too bad, I didn't even get to read them. Please get back safely, I wanna read your stories soon. Exo-l here. You're a legend writer of exo's fanfiction stories, you deserve that title.❤️


Hi! I just noticed you deletes your stories :((( i followed your stories since 6th grade :(( now i'm in college already 


@xxmnyxx deleted


Hello. If you still check this could I get the titles of all the stories you deleted because I am looking for something and I don’t remember the author or the title so I’m checking all my follows. If you could send me the titles so I know to stop looking. Thank you


Hi! I miss your stories huhu :) i think I was grade 6 since I've become fan of your stories. Now, I'm on my way to grade 12 omg. I love how you use english. Super galing nung grammar niyo. 
          Hi! If you have some spare time, I would like to recommend my story entitled, "In This World: Beyond Time"
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          Let's support each other :))) 



Author-nim, I follow you since I was twelve. Now, Im seventeen. But you rarely update now. Why? I miss you, author.... I need you to update them. Or just publish back the unedited chapters..... 


Ate sacheeko where na u? Huhu i miss you na please update soon


Hi Author nim. I wonder how have you been. 


Please please PLEASE update "Mr. Almost" story


Your “Walk On Memories” story is just sooooo 




When will you update the OH DEAR CLASSMATE 2 Pls update ittttttt I'm begging