Hi all, just checking in to give a bit of an update. 
          	ASH next chapter is being worked on, though the storyline will be changing from here on out. I started that book when I was in high school and believed teenagers had crazy wild sex all the time (eye roll). Now that I’m actually an adult and things have a prospective all of a sudden, I can’t really stomach writing a book where the whole timeline is based in high school years, especially with the certain scenes I want to write Devil and Angel in lol I’m not sure when the next update will be but hopefully soon 
          	Also, for the past two years I’ve been working on a series and I’m considering a ménage story. I’m wondering if any of you would actually be interested in something like that or to just keep it traditional lol


Yes please


@sexton thanks for coming back


@sexton I love your work, so anything you write sounds good to me!


Please just let us know if there’s any chance of having the stories back up, they were too good to be taken down, even if not completed. Or let us know if they’re published somewhere and if we can buy them. 


I hope you are doing well, we all miss you, take the time you need just don’t forget about us miss author I don’t want to give up on coming back to your page, so I always come here but I finally decided to send something, we miss you so much!! We were all constantly mesmerized by the way you crafted your words together and put it to text. Absolutely beautiful !