Hi! It’s me @sweetixanne. I hope you can try to read my first work. My work are not that perfect but I hope you can give it a try. Thank you! ♡
          “Damn, This Nightmare”
          It would be best if you waited until the right moment.
          The woman considers her life a bad nightmare. She does not have the freedom to do what she wants.
          "Wake me up, please..."
          One day, you can't explain what happened in her life. The world changed. She was stranded in a place she didn't know. In a place full of pleasure, freedom, and tranquility, in other words, this is what she dreams.
          "Don't wake me up, please..."
          But what if it's just another nightmare? And accidentally fall for a guy. How can you find him and see him again that you once valued and loved?
          "Kung tinadhana, tinadhana talaga. Kung wala, wala tayong magagawa. Mahirap labanan ang tadhana kahit sabihing mahal ang isa't isa."


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