What purpose does it serve to tell me you’re leaving wattpad because of me? I plan to deactivate after a couple days of people finding out because I literally need to separate myself from this app. I can’t take the pressure and guilting to work on something I know longer feel connected to.


@seokjinfanclub sinner was my favourite book and i swear i cried once i got to know it was not there anymore but your mental health is more important author nim so issok


@seokjinfanclub First of all, I hope you are well. Please don't care about other stupid people and their shitty thoughts. I really loved you and your books and it saddened me that I couldn't find them where I left them. I hope everything will be better for you!


this message may be offensive
This is why I really hate people that are this toxic and selfish. Fuck off to those that just throw away your hard work. I really did like all of your stories and I understand how much of a struggle it must have been to deal with people like that. I hope you can find a time where those people don't matter anymore to you.


Greetings! It would be my outmost pleasure if you take a look at my currently in progress novel "KILLED MY BELOVED"!!! Its a fanfiction novel of Jake Gyllenhaal, Kristen Stewart, and Anna De Armas. Hope you enjoy!