Hey guys, I just received my AS results a few weeks ago and honestly, they weren't good at all. I'm heartbroken and I really need to focus on my A2 year and put in more effort into studying. I guess I'll be back to a one-year hiatus, I'm sorry to say that guys. But I really need to focus on my studies now, I'll see you next year Xx
          	Thank you for supporting me all this while, I'll come back later ❤


@seokgenie good luck for you exams! We wish you the best of luck!fighting!


@seokgenie :"( fighting! we'll miss you, ik you will do better in the future :)


smoker was AMAZING and you’re such a great writer !!  i can’t wait to read your new book it already seems so interesting !!


hi, i love you, smoker is literally my favorite story. i’ve read like a billion different fanfictions on here but i’m literally in love with smoker, thanks for being an amazing human <3