You guys asked for it ;) First chapter will be up soon! 




@secretlysarah thank you 
          	  so excited


Hiii! So I've read the devil dancer and loved that story from beginning to end and honestly I thought u weren't going to write again. And just recently I found boom from some recommendations and I cannot fathom how much I love the story plot! It's so original and creative! I honestly cannot wait for future updates and how the story will progress. I'm so glad I discovered that u started to write again. Thank u soooo much and plz do not feel pressured to update as u also have a personal life and need to take good care of urself. Once again thank u sooo soooo much! 


we may or may not
          speak a ton!  but! i
          would love  to stop
          by &  tell you how i
          hope  you ‘ re safe
          & heathy! just kn -
          ow  that  i ‘ ll  care
          for   you !   if    you
          need    anyone   to
          talk  to ,, then i ‘ m
          ur   person  !   i ‘ m 
          open  to  rants abt
          the craziest things
          !  you ‘ re beautiful
          / handsome   &  ily
          bye lovely!! <3333


Hey can you update boom? I really loved the storyline since it is different and I am awaiting to see how the story unfolds.