hi quick thing i deleted all my books sorry about that lol


hi quick thing i deleted all my books sorry about that lol


Umm sorry to disturb you but all your books kinda just dissapeared?? Im not sure if its really like that or not but i heared about one of your stories and wanted to read it but it says you have none. im sorry if im wasting your tile but i just wanted to ask


Hey I wanted to say that your story (the bass player) helped me come out to my best friend. I honestly miss this story, and wish I could read it one last time. I know this page is dead but I thought I'd let you know. I hope you're doing okay and thank you. 


My man ur books are kinda invisible what happened? ):


Sending a message here just in case you don't get dm notifications, but I sent you a couple kinda urgent ones "XD


is this place dead?


Yo, I have a question. How the frik can you draw so frIKIN well? Do you have any advice for a smol art girl like me?


It's been almost 2 years since you wrote reflect and I think Its really good! You should continue the book, I would love to read more of it!  love ya by3 by3


Questions (tomtord)
          Please guys read this instead of my other books at least present me doesn't loathe it yet 


Yeah I do
            On Instagram at blissfullybleu 
            Mostly homestuck eheh


this message may be offensive
New tomtord book
          Yeah shit I know weird but if you still into that read it and tell me if I should continue it or not.
          Or just feedback that's nice.


 Dude it’s good