Hello Mortals, My name is Chara Dreemurr! My parents are: Rainbow Dash and Discord! I'm the Ultimate Creator! Yes I'm married to Sans!
Age: 14
Sex: F
Sexuality: Pan
Family: Kiibo: Older brother
Sans: Husband
Kids: 10 of them (Sans has 14 ._.)
Screwball: Little sister
Discord: Dad (alpha)
Rd: Mom (omega)
Fandoms: Danganronpa, Undertale and MLP, as well FNAF
Btw I am a LGBTQ+ Fan so don't get rude about that. I may be an angel but everyone has a demon side to them!
Btw everyone go support:
@hearttanaka (Gundham's Account now!)
@valez200 (my GF! <3)

Danganronpa ships:
Souda x Gundham (OTP)
Sonia x Chiaki
Akane x Nekomaru
Leon x Souda
Hiyoko x Mahiru
Peko x Fuyuhiko
Hajime x Nagito
Rantaro x Tsumgui
Kiibo x Ouma
Kaede x Maki
Saihara x Kaito
Himiko x Tenko
Leon x Sayaka
Aoi x Sakura
Makoto x Togami
Kyoko x Makoto
Ishimaru x Mondo
Ibuki x Mikan
Teruya x Mikado (fangame: SDRA2)
Toko x Komaru

Mlp ships:
RD x Discord
Fluttershy x Twilight
Pinkie pie x Cheese Sandwich
Rarity x Applejack

Fnaf Ships:
Toy Freddy x Mangle
Toy Chica x Freddy
Foxy x Chica
Toy Bonnie x Bonnie

Undertale Ships:
Me x Sans (Fuck off fangirls and fanboys)
Fresh x PJ (don't judge me, I have reasons.)
Papyrus x Mettaton
Toriel x Asgore
Chara x Sans
Frisk x Chara
Undyne x Alphys
Flowey x Temmie

Bye bye and goodbye for now from Chara Dreemurr~ Stay Determined!~
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