Hi all! I'm not dead! I've been trying to write some new stuff, along with continuing the good old classic stories!  Just an update as to where I have been. I'm not sure what will be completed..... but hey, its an update so...


@saltybot hey just wanted to ask if your going to continue your overlord story?


@saltybot  how are you doing?


@saltybot are you sure that your not dead


@Saltybot, so like, I suck horribly at writing, and I had an awesome idea while playing destiny and I don't think I've seen it on this app yet. My idea: destiny character in a fantasy world. Like, they get transported to some fantasy world with magic and knights and all that crap. Now that i think about it a rising of the shield hero x destiny sounds pretty good too. I figured, since you're pretty good at writing, and you have some destiny books written, I could ask if maybe you'd think about the idea. If so, that would be awesome.


Hola solo tengo una duda.
          En la historia de boku no hero se refier a la caida de la Torre en la campaña de la Guerra roja o es totalmente inventado ?????


I Love all of your stories but mostly the Overlord Story, and i think you made it perfect because the Character is op, buut in a fun way like the anime or onepunch man so im REALLY exited for the next Chapter.  (IF it comes)


I got to be honest.
          Saltybot has one of the best fanfictions that has been written out there. Really just captures overlord's story, characters, and much more.
          Though, if you don't want to write the story, then dont write it. There is no reason to, write what you want to write. Otherwise hope you continue the story, it was a lot of fun!