Hello There :)

First of all, thanks for checking me out. After years of reading others' stories on here I've decided to be brave and dedicate myself to posting some of my own!

My stories come from my endless hours spend daydreaming in worlds that aren't our own. Sometimes I find myself relating to Clark Kent, because although I certainly am no superman I often feel like I too am hiding a secret identity. That of my inner nerd of course XD

The one that enthusiastically fan-girls at anything fantasy. The one that stays up til 4 in the morning reading a newly discovered book, ignoring the fact that work starts at 8. The one that may or may not make excuses to not go for a fun night out because I'm writing and just can't leave until I've typed out the scene before it fades from my mind.

But when I'm not indulging in such pastimes that usually starve me of sleep, you would be able to find me drawing, or painting, playing with my favorite boy in the world (my puppy of course), or belching Italian opera just for the heck of it.

I've currently got 2 stories I'm working on - Skies of Flame and The Red Revolt . There is also a third - Unbidden - that is on an extreme hiatus.

SOF is going to be my main focus (you know, other than my day job at least ha). If you love stories jam-packed with action, adventure, romance, and (let me not forget the best part) DRAGONS - then SOF just might be your cup of tea.

TRR on the other hand, is my fun reprieve (my little vaycay writing project) from the more grueling task of writing SOF. I'm pretty sure a lot of the ladies will like it. At least, if werewolves, action, sassy heroines, and smoldering romance are things you're into.

Feel free to message me to say Hi! I don't bite, promise. Not anymore

So please! READ, VOTE, COMMENT - it makes my day!
E.M. Hart

PS. I am prone to working on too many stories at once, it's a bad habit I'm unsuccessfully trying to kick. My apologies T.T
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