hEY FRIENDS, so i've transfered accounts bc i wanna start fresh! pls check me out at @chancelloramidala to await future works :)


hi friends, at the moment i've unpublished apotelesma because I've decided that i want to rework the story and fix up major plot holes i kinda forgot about (whoops), so pls bear with me, it's gonna take a hot sec


currently i'm having apotelesma, better days, and feels like this on hold indefinitely. this is because i'm going through some changes on this account and which platforms i want to write on.
          with that being said, i'm going to leave wattpad to go write on ao3 under the username chancelloramidala. until i want to come back to wattpad, i will be writing on ao3. if you want to reach me, you can contact me on my Instagram 'chancelloramidala' (which i will frequent as well!)
          thank you guys for supporting me and my stories, but now i shall reach a new chapter of my life.


@riseofahsoka Is it worth trying on ao3? 


your stories are beautiful! good luck <3


Happy August! If school is starting soon for you, please take care of your mental health. If you have work, don't overwork please. If you're on break, enjoy your time and relax! ♡


hey friends, just wanna let y'all know (on any social media account you have) to not take poc hate crimes to the police and to take them to the fbi civil rights division instead because the police aren’t counting racist attacks on black/brown people as hate crimes. The fbi is though and they will investigate it throughly, prosecute people federally, and give higher sentences to attackers


Made this for you: https://youtu.be/UzeCwSgODZI


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@HLunaGinny HOLY SHIT?????? UMMMM???? THANK YOU SO MUCH?????


@honeycloud- ofc, i shall copy and paste this!!


          you are beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking, stunning, funny, kind and loving! 
          once given this award please pass it on to 8 message boards of amazing people like you. if you break this chain, well nothing happens actually, but it’s something great that can make someone’s day! ✨


i dont normally do this but i highly reccomend EVERYONE to watch my mister on netflix.
          the kdrama my mister (my ahjussi) is one of the best things i've seen. not only is the main female character's poverty NOT romanticized like it is in other asian dramas, but she isnt overly happy. ji-an is a twenty-something year old pessimistic and tired of this life and is witty and has tons of street smarts. then there is the other main character, dong hoon is a forty year old man who realizes he isnt truly happy with his life. my mister portrays the complexity of human emotion perfectly, and despite the age gap between the two main characters, their chemistry is perfect.
          this kdrama isn't simply another love story, but a story about how two human beings understand one another.
          so please, go check this kdrama out! it's on netflix!!