hey, im looking for someone to help me update phoenix! preferably someone who:
          	• isn’t crazy busy, able to put in a little time for this (unlike me)! if ur already super busy i wouldn’t wanna add more to your plate :) totally okay if you can only do a little bit it’s better than nothing aka me 
          	• has decent english grammar LMAO, there are a lot of grammatical errors in this book already, it would be great if you could catch them and correct them!
          	• knows how to work google docs/drive
          	• not necessary but having ios 15 will make it much easier and faster for you!
          	that’s all, if ur interested pls pls pls dm me or comment under this announcement!!! i wanna update phoenix as fast as possible and it would be a huge help :) THANKS


@ ridingthethighger  hii if you'll need someone I'm totally able to help you :)) 


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I normally have a few hours after school that I could help you with,  just in case you wanted any extra help  


Hi I have a whole week of free time so I’d be more than happy to help if your still looking!!!


Does anyone know of anyone who posted Ella's books? I've read tempted and temptress. The link to story on this profile only has part of the book. Thank you!


@sideboobcocaine777 nope! If i do I will let you know! 


guys can someone PLEASE tell me where i can finish the phoenix i’m desperate 


Is on her info you jist click the ink 


This is a book for all the girls who wish to be heard.
          This is a book for all the girls who find love in the dark.
          This is a book for all the girls with a knife under her dress.
          This book is for YOU. 
          It's my request for everyone to read the description and see if they wanna give it a try. Tysm <3
          It has a desi (Indian) fmc and Harry Styles. Enjoy x