Happy Diwali to all my Indian friends! May this Diwali bring lots of light and brightness I your life.❤❤
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@rickydonna7  Happy Diwali to you too sis. Hope your studies are going well


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Your book is great. You need to write a sequel. I don't know I should love or hate Agustin, sometimes I felt both emotions for him. As Jacob, I hope he'll find someone who loves him if he will never be with Onika. And Theodore, I hope he'll stay away from Onika, I'm afraid he will blame her for what Agustin did to his company. And most important is, I hope Onika will live in peace with her past on her shoulder & maybe finds her true love, free toxic relationship. Stay safe & healthy. You're an amazing writer xoxo :)


Just finished reading your book 'Grieving Hearts' and its wonderful. I really appreciate that you chose to seperate Agustin and Onika because that is the point where you gave the story a practical touch. Nobody in their right mind would choose a person who made them go through so much. I hope you continue to write such stories where the females take a stand for their dignity and self respect instead of suffering in a relationship where their entire being is abused. 
          P.S. Though you ended the book with an open epilogue, I request you to write about Jacob. He is been one of my favourite characters in the story. :-)


@divs_baby_bold Thanks a lot! So glad you liked the book!☺️


Wow. This story is just so heart wrenching..the epilogue implies a sequel although from the conversations below, you are not writing one anymore. I wish you'd change your mind...


I have gone through some of your reply's, it's so hurting to know your new story will be next year mid...omg ...it's so long....I love this story....am really looking forward for more from you..
               Anyhow,I would love to read Jacob story, whn can we expect that


Hey i know u already told u wont make sequel or augustin n onika wont b together further but plzzzzzzzz write a sequel for them and give a chance plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as a reader i request you to continue that book and change the ur plot for grieving hearts readers plz