I love reading manga and typical books were mostly have unrequited love stories like Teacher-student affair, Age gap, and story types related. But sometimes I love reading Bad girl type were she fights a lot or maybe ride a motorcycle with her black leather jacket and boots, but recently I can't stop reading Werewolves stories with it's mates, alphas, rouges, and beta I thought at first it's not that Interesting but when I've read some of it, I can't help to read more that sometimes I do think if I would be a werewolf I want to be a she-wolf alpha with it's white fur and violet eyes and wondered where is my mate be? (hahahaha..because I read to much werewolves stories I fantasized it..crazy I guess)
Things all "ABOUT" me:
1.) I love being myself sometimes.
2.) I'm Nerdy!!!
3.) I love Corned Beef sooo much!!! that I think I can eat it all the time without losing my appetite.
4.) I'm Otaku at heart.
5.) I love collecting this Toro Inuoe Stuff toys (they're just so kawaii!!! )
6.) I want to visit my Dream Land JAPAN!!!!!! ^______^v
7.) I do love to sing though to myself only.
8.) I love 5SOS, 2NE1, BIG BANG, All American Reject, The Cranberries, Alanis Morissette, Pink and lot more.
9.) I love color Violet, Black and Yellow.
10.) Pinoy at heart! <3

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