I’m a Wattpad Community Ambassador and I’d like to congratulate you on posting your first story!  There’s a lot to take on as a new writer on Wattpad, so I’d like to pass on some links you may find helpful.  
          If you’re wondering how to do something on Wattpad or want to learn more about how Wattpad works, the guides posted on the @howtousewattpad profile are a good resource.  Be sure to check out their reading lists too, as they have even more guides written by Wattpad authors filled with advice on writing and how to promote your stories.  
          If you have questions, you can get help from my fellow @Ambassadors.  It’s a good idea to follow them to get updates on fun Ambassador activities you can participate in.  Also, we suggest following @Wattpad to get announcements of the latest Wattpad news and contests.
          In addition, Wattpad’s Help Center has quite a bit of information, including live updates on the Wattpad’s operational status and known glitches/bugs.  You can report issues there if something isn’t working.  https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us
          !Thanks and good luck with your story