Hey guys! New update out for Unmarked. Sorry I took so long. Love you all!


@rain_bows123 Please update it. I can't wait for it


Thank you for the update and update so agine 


Love you ❤️ I was worth it, always look forward to reading your writing.


I feel like there's a chain of wattpad writers that have stopped updating stories and sometimes we, as readers may feel anxious and kinda frustrated that there aren't updates from these writers, trust me I have and I still do sometimes. We need to sit back and understand that these people have lives too and might be going through something tough right now and some story on wattpad is the least of their worries or even worse, they might be dead. I know that sounds a little bit...I don't know, pessimistic? Some people might say mean but let's be realistic here. If only there was a way we as the writers could get reassurance of the wellbeing of writers who have been MIA from Wattpad. I like how everyone's dropping positive comments it shows how Wattpad is one big family:) . I hope the writer is okay wherever she is and I'm sending my love.


@urbastarddad I’m glad to hear


@Amiylu00 Trust me I know what you're feeling. I almost cried when I didn't see the next chapter. I even went to the website and all to load the story thinking something was wrong with the app. It's a great story but I guess we just have to wait.


@IleftatApril yea what you said is true , I understand they have there life too but the last update was at 2019(unmarked) so we just saying if you have taken up a story you have responsibility too. No hate btw I love her writing appreciate her a lot✨


I am absolutely in love it UNMARKED and would love to know if you going to finish it. I've read what you have multiple times and each time I love it even more. Please update/ finish it❤❤


Hey I loved one of your story's it's called unmarked. And I'm gonna read some of your other storys, but could you check out my page. I have a story and I don't now if I should continue it or delete it so I was hoping you could tell me some advice????


Hey I'm a suuuper huge fan of unmarkedyou deserve this. And it's a pretty cool book. I was also kinda wondering if you'd check out my book Smoke. I'd sooo appreciate it. I wish you the best!Love ya