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❝of course you can hug me!❞
danica. they/them. xv. libra. multi.


you look at the mirror and smiled, feeling accomplished, successful. but there was a nagging feeling, buried deep within your soul. urging you to dig it, tempting you.

❝hiding my tears, behind my smile
i've had these feelings for a while.
how do i make it through each day, now?❞

you paid no attention to it, because why would you, in the first place?

❝i find it really hard to say
the words that my heart knew what it meant and it's so hard, it's so hard, i am tired.❞

you took a deep breathe, and look at your reflection again, your hair was a as perfect as your lips.

❝so if you feel the same way too,
please come to me,
i need a hug.❞

but your eyes were as dull as your smile.

❝'cause you see through my eyes,
no matter how hard i'm trying to hide it.❞

that's when everything sink in. you don't have anyone to share your accomplishment, you don't have anyone to share your success, they left you one by one,

❝together can we smile through this pain?❞

and now, you're alone.
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yup unpublished 1 work again bcz im an indecisive bitch <\3 but i forgot the plot for it sorry :<< imma just update my imagines real quick...
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